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Own a business that's creating infinite value

Build WEALTH whilst the gift of HEALTH

Franchising Journey

Initial Inquiry & Application

Potential franchisee to fill in application details & make an inquiry with Mould's Franchising team.

Mould Evaluation & Approval

Mould to evaluate franchisee credibility & proposal before giving their approval.

List Franchisee Set up & Training

Location, space design, personnel recruitment & equipment sourcing to be conducted with Mould's support.

Business Plan Formation

Mould to assist the franchisee in creating a sustainable business plan.

Holistic SOP Handover & Implementation

Training to be conducted for all personnel across every department. KPIs to be discussed with all the team heads.

Business Commencement

Execution of all pre launch strategies in a smooth manner

On going 24 x 7 Support

*Business Stategies
*Marketing Campaigns & Ad support
*Continuous Revenue monitoring
*Operational & HR support
*Product & Service Audits

Implementation of new services & products

Based on continuous R & D, the franchisee's shall be the beneficiaries of new systems, products & services.

Tech support

Backend & tech support throughout to use software in the most efficient manner.

Top management involvement

Active founder & top management involvement to ensure maximum potential is unlocked.

Creating Immense value

Creating immense value for the franchisee, the community & the organisations employees. It doesn't get better! 

Partner With Us

Thank you inquiry !

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