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Our Services

What we offer


Each service is meticulously curated with over 1000 hours of research having gone into construction. Take a trial and experience magic!


Education is at the forefront of what we do. Apart from uniquely structured sessions, our trainer's are always on the lookout to educate our members. 

We've seen a number of people purchase memberships at various gyms & then not turn up. We're trying to break this trend by making members accountable.


Goal Orientation

We include goal orientation & nutritional guidance as a part of ANY Mould program you choose to take to ensure you're always on the right path!


Workshops and Rentals

Mould hosts a variety of workshops monthly. Our workshops range from Sound Healing to Headstand, Tai Chi, Movement & Strength workshops. Do get in touch with the team to avail more information on them. 

Mould rents each of it's 4 studio's out by the hour. The rate differs for each studio and depends on the time & quantum of hours to be booked. Our front desk shall assist you with the same.



Empowering Your Fitness Journey, Wherever You Are

Dive into Sustainable Fitness with Mould

At Mould, we're committed to your lasting fitness success. Access our Sustainable Fitness document for essential tips to keep progressing, regardless of your circumstances. Even after your membership ends, we're here to support you. 

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